01 April 2012

18 months

Again, I am remiss in updating! Cate is changing all the time, it is hard to keep up. She definitely has been "delighting" us with some tantrums, and we are hoping she gets them all out of the way before Baby # 2 arrives in September.

Cate has added some vocabulary...w-aale (waffle), elbow, apple, happy (usually said in triplicate), baby (we are practicing that one!), lion, and "one more".  I am sure there are more, but we can't remember them all. She also can say the letters A, B, H, I, O, N, M (and identify I and O).

She also has a new boyfriend whose name she can say - Alex. The other day when I picked her up he walked her to the coat rack and handed her the coat! He is an older man - her last boyfriend was a month younger and this one is 7 months older!!

Cate can be a sweety, but doesn't take any static. One day I picked her up and she was trying to comfort another little girl who was crying by patting her on the cheek. Only a week or two before that I got to daycare and she was carrying a boy's sock and shoe. She tried to hand him a sock and he swatted her hand then ran away. She chased him and threw the shoe right at his head (she had perfect aim, I might add). I said "no, Cate!", but the daycare ladies said no, she is sticking up for herself because she was trying to give him his stuff and he swatted her!

Cate has shown interest in the toliet, too. She knows the sign for it and knows when she is supposed to use it, but can't quite complete the action. We will take her over, she sits on it for a little bit then tells us to put her diaper back on - THEN she does her business!! Oh well, she is at least getting the idea.

We have had a full social calendar over the past couple months. We have had brunch with a couple of friends, and even got to see the St Patrick's Parade in Old Town with Auntie Jen. She went to a cosmetics party and got to play with a 3-year-old girl, a baby, and a dog. Yesterday we went to Auntie Jen and Uncle Phil's housewarming party where there were a couple other kids and a cat. Despite many attempts, Cate was never able to get close to the cat - apparently she is intimidating despite her small stature! She made do with going up and down the stairs repeatedly and exploring the house.

Coming up this week are three Easter egg hunts, and hopefully we will get around to dying some easter eggs!  

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