29 January 2012

Moving up!

Friday was Cate's last day in the infant classroom...tomorrow, she will be in the toddler room. She has been transitioning for two weeks, and I know she will be happy there. They have more room to actually run around, plus the little girl who is a few days older than her moved a month ago and everytime I say her name, Cate gets super excited.  We finally transitioned her to drinking milk out of a sippy cup just in the nick of time!

Unfortunately, her last day with the infants was cut short by her first case of pink eye. She has had to make a couple trips over the last month or so to the doctor, including her 15-month appointment at the beginning of January. She is hanging on to the 15 percentile, weighing in at 20lbs 8ounces, and 29 1/4inches long.  Cate is eating a lot and getting her rest to make sure she keeps getting bigger!

She has added a few "words" to her vocabulary, including "awe done" (all done), "mine", "woof woof", "down", "daddy" and "I waa woo" (I love you). Who knows if that is really what she is saying, but we choose to think it is. She also knows to point to several body parts, including nose, ear, hair, teeth, eye, foot, toes, hand, knee, belly button, and even butt!

Cate can now climb onto the couches, and usually off. Unfortunately, she still tries to dive off the bed head first sometimes. Just this week she started trying to walk up and down the steps to the kitchen by herself. She is still a little unsteady and I would rather she wait on this skill! She loves to color, play on daddy's keyboard, and read books.

Cate loves to go outside. She likes to ride in and push her dog Violet (or ba-buh, as Cate calls her) in the scooter. We can easily walk to the park close by where she can go on the slides and play with other kids.

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