26 December 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas! It was this time last year I started the blog. I have been behind over the past month, and will try and do better!

We got to spend lots of quality time with both friends and family over the past couple months. Sometimes this even meant she got to open gifts early! We are lucky enough to have some friends with small kids, so Cate got to play with some little ones and stay entertained. We also got to go see Santa Cow at Chick-fil-a!!

Christmas Eve day, we went to the Aldersgate Christmas Eve candlelight service.  Cate was being a little rambunctious, and we banished ourselves to a room in the church where they were televising the service. We were the only ones in there, except another family with a one year old, so Cate had free reign of the room. Later that night we headed into DC for a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner with friends.

Cate had a blast opening gifts on Christmas morning. Some she stole out of the bags before she was supposed to, and she has already fallen in love with several of her new gifts.

Cate still loves daycare, and soon will be moving into the toddler classroom. Right now she is the oldest in her room, and likes to take care of the other babies. She is frequently seen high-fiving the teachers, kissing babies on heads, and checking other diapers to make sure they are clean. These skill carry-over at home too...when we saw a friend's 11-month old recently, she tried to push her in her car, and kept taking the baby her bottle whenever she dropped it. You should have seen them chasing each other!

Apparently, the teachers love to spoil her. When pondering why she thinks I am taking her for a walk when I come to pick her up, the teachers commented "Well, we do take her out for a walk everyday. She expects it." They teach her so much! She can do sign language for more, milk, please, and water (kind of).  She also picks up some signs that aren't really official (apparently I wag my finger when I say "dirty" and "no"!).  Her vocal skills are also improving, now saying mama, dada, aqua, wa-wa (water), ba-ba (bottle), hi, bye-bye, up, ight (light), buh (book), and nana (banana).

Everyday, we are more impressed as Cate moves from being a baby to a little girl. She finally let us put sunglasses on her (once summer was over, naturally!).   She loves to go grab socks and shoes and sit down for you to put them on.  She helps you put her jacket on (especially with the promise of going outside!). If you give her a towel and tell her it is dirty, she will take it to the dirty clothes hamper. You can tell her to put something away, and she will put her toys, socks, shoes, etc back (of course, this is after she took everything out to begin with).   She for some reason loves to play with post-it-notes and wipes!