16 August 2015


March and April brought (mostly) warmer weather. Easter is always a busy season with egg hunts at school, church, and in the neighborhood. You can never get too many eggs (and candy, and small toys that get lost or stuck in and under stuff).

April also brought Nationals Opening Day! This was Cate's 5th and Max's 3rd!!

Max is practicing to try out for the Nats in about 15 years.  Cate started her first season of soccer.  They mainly just run little drills and then do a sort of scrimmage at the end, but she definitely had lots of fun.

We stay busy, but there is always time to cuddle..and grocery shop!

07 August 2015

Winter time

January and February were a strange mix of warm and cold weather. One week we would be playing outside at the playground or riding bikes, then a week later we were sledding. The kids got to go sledding at the same place Erick and Cami did as kids!

Max did the combined sports/tumbling class at the gym. Cate did swim class followed by tennis - she really worked up an appetite!


When it was cold outside, we warmed up by enjoying some good family time at local restaurants. It is nice that the kids are getting old enough to actually last through most of a meal, now!! Cate loves her sushi. The kids also stayed busy playing inside - Cate loves her science experiments!