15 April 2012

Easter and Baseball

Two posts in one month...I am on a roll!

Easter weekend was eventful. Cate started with a Easter Egg Hunt on Friday at daycare, another in the neighborhood on Saturday, and a third at church on Sunday. She was the youngest by a year and a half in the neighborhood, and the older kids let her get the easy eggs - some even gave them some of theirs. At the end we had a pizza party where the older kids were shocked to see Cate wanted the black olive pizza!

By Sunday, Cate was an expert at egg hunting. The church had the kids divided into three and younger, but Cate was much more efficient than the other kids. If she picked up an egg that was too hard to open or didn't have the  right candy in it, it was quickly tossed over her shoulder! At the end, they had a little petting zoo of ducklings, a lamb, a baby goat, and a rabbit. Both days Cate crashed and took nice long naps.

Cate may be a little too good at this egg thing...later in the week I had hard boiled eggs in my lunchbox to eat (ones we never got around to dying...maybe next year!). She proceeded to get them out of my bag and tried to open them. Instead, I gave her plastic eggs but she became distraught there wasn't anything in them!

Finally, we had the Nats Home Opener, our little family tradition. Cate pretty much went crazy for the entire game, running around - up and down aisles before the game, and through the concession area during. We got away with two tantrums, two housekeeping requests, and one encounter with a very clean glass wall. Cate learns her lesson, though - later she pointed to the wall then rubbed her head with a little frown on her face. It was a great game, with a win in 10 innings (sorry, Bill!).

Cate also had her requisite doctor's visit. Apparently drinking the ridiculous amount of milk she does has paid off...she weighed in at 23lbs, 9oz (35%), 31.5" (50%), and a 19" head circumference (95%). I am not convinced the height was right (50%, really?!!), but we have no doubt about the head size!

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