30 January 2016


Jumping right into fall! This will be the first year you don't see one thing...football pictures! With the exception of one football game Erick and I went to by ourselves, we didn't make it to any. Scheduling just didn't work between the end of baseball season (even without the Nats making the playoffs...so sad!), birthdays, and Cate's soccer.

The kids transitioned to new classes at the end of the summer - Young 3s and Kindergarten. They had some of the best teachers at the school last year! Cate also lost her first 2 teeth before she even turned 5! She likes to show them off in pictures! Tooth fairy brought her 2 gold coins for each tooth. She has to save up 50 to get a special gift!

First up was Max's birthday. It is hard to believe this little guy is 3!! At his three-year-old check up, he was 37 inches tall and 34 pounds.

Cate's birthday two weeks later comes quickly. We had it at a new location - Engineering for Kids. It was nice to change it up! Speaking of engineering, our kids love to do "science experiments" on the weekend!!  At her five-year-old check up, she was 41 1/2 inches and 40 pounds.

Cate was back at soccer for the fall. She is still having lots of fun, and one of her friends from school has been on her same team both seasons! We also enjoyed some beautiful fall weather!

We can't leave off Halloween, with the annual trip to get pumpkins and Messing family theme costumes. This year it was My Little Pony!

02 January 2016

Summer fun

Baseball, baseball, and more baseball! The kids have had so much fun going to games. I wouldn't say we watch much of the game, but we do eat, play on the playground, and running bases. The kids have gotten to meet some players. At one game, they even got to meet Star Wars characters!!  Cate likes to watch the games on tv, and announce score changes. Even Max knows that whenever the Nats win, he also needs to ask if the Mets lost!

Cate played soccer in the late spring, and tennis during the summer. Max is still taking his gym classes, although he would love to join in Cate's soccer games. 

No summer is complete without pool time! Cate has gotten really good at swimming! By late fall, she was able to swim across the county pool all by herself!  We also got in some neighborhood walks and bike riding. School is always fun in the summer, because it is more like summer camp and they have fun themes like jersey day!

Max potty trained before 3! We were very excited!!  Cate kept busy showing off how strong she is!