24 October 2015


I don't even know where to start with our Disney vacation in April 2015! The trip was so much fun (and exhausting). We surprised the kids that morning with the news of where we were going. Our first day, we rushed from the airport, to the hotel and straight to the Magic Kindgom. We got some rides and meet and greets in and we stayed for the electric parade and fireworks.

Our second day we went to Hollywood Studios in the morning, including a character lunch with Disney Junior characters. Then we went to Epcot for a little in the afternoon.

The third day we were back at Magic Kingdom, with a lunch with princesses in the middle of the day.

Saturday was a Disney-day-off, except for lunch with Mickey and some of his friends. We did get to hang out with Grandpa and Moby Dick the Dog!

Next up was Animal Kingdom, plus some time with Granny and Pop-pop. Cate even got to participate in the Lion King musical!!

We finished off the trip with another day in Magic Kingdom. Max rode the Magic Carpet Ride six times that day while Cate rode the roller coasters with Erick! Cate got to be part of Belle's play, and Max got to meet her at the end.

In between theme parks, we did spend some time at the pool. Cate also got to go to "Ritz Kids" at the hotel. They had a spider, a snake, and even a bunny!!

On the way home, the kids got to go in the cockpit before we took off!!

16 August 2015


March and April brought (mostly) warmer weather. Easter is always a busy season with egg hunts at school, church, and in the neighborhood. You can never get too many eggs (and candy, and small toys that get lost or stuck in and under stuff).

April also brought Nationals Opening Day! This was Cate's 5th and Max's 3rd!!

Max is practicing to try out for the Nats in about 15 years.  Cate started her first season of soccer.  They mainly just run little drills and then do a sort of scrimmage at the end, but she definitely had lots of fun.

We stay busy, but there is always time to cuddle..and grocery shop!