02 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Cate!

Cate's birthday weekend started with a party at daycare on Friday. Erick got to leave work early and go to take pictures of Cate and her friends eating cupcakes

On Saturday, we celebrated at the Navy tailgate with Auntie Jen, Uncle Phil, and some other friends.  Cate was all dressed up and we had MORE cupcakes.  She also tried to tackle a 5-year-old boy playing football a couple times...girls rule!

On Sunday Erick had a half marathon in the morning (he did very well!), so we opened gifts around lunch time.  Cate, of course, tried to chew on several of the packages, but eventually got the hang of opening her gifts.  As would be expected, she liked the box the biggest gift came in more than the gift itself!

I just can't believe how quickly Cate is growing up! She has finally learned to crawl down the steps between the kitchen and the living room...yay!! She also has other new little skills, like closing doors (sometimes with you in the room, or sometimes to keep you out). She gets into and rearranges all the cabinets (well, now Erick has childproofed all but one kitchen cabinet, which we have deemed to be Cate's).  She can even get herself down off the couch or bed, although her landing isn't that steady, so we still provide a little guidance.

Cate has about half a new tooth on the bottom, and one about to break through, so soon the top and bottom will be equal.  She still eats like a champ!

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