04 September 2011

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and football, oh my!

After two weeks filled with fun stuff like an earthquake and a hurricane, football season is here.  Hooray for football!  The day after turning 11 months old, Cate went to her first game at Navy yesterday (her only other game was Army Navy when she was only 2 months old in Philly).  She had a great time, much too busy to take more than one nap or even stop to take a bottle! We hung out with friends, including a couple kids who are about 2 and 4 years old, so Cate had a great time.

This next weekend Cate will get to go to her first UNC game, so look forward to some more pics in Carolina Blue!  In the meantime, Cate continues to walk everywhere she can.  She is also starting to "help" me clean.  First she took a baby wipe and started wiping down the changing table, then today she used her washcloth to wipe down the floor...too cute!
So, back to Mother Nature.  Cate apparently was thrilled with the daycare emergency plan daycare for the earthquake.  Never mind the earth shaking, getting to be with all the other babies in a crib and go outside an extra time...that is her idea of fun!  The teachers said she was super excited, laughing and throwing her arms in the air.  We got lucky with the hurricane, experiencing only a flicker of the power.  The top of one tree came down, but luckily just missed the roof.

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