31 December 2014

2014 in Review

Since this year flew by with hardly a post from me, I figured the end of the year would make a fantastic time to summarize it all! Over Memorial Day weekend we did a family photo shoot with our wedding photographer. We hope to continue to do it every couple years - she is really great!

Spring and summer were spent going to a lot of baseball games and playing in the pool. One of the pictures of the kids at a baseball game was even featured as a Fan of the Game pick during a broadcast the next week (turn up your volume and you can hear that the announcers commenting on the photo!).

Late summer brought a family vacation to Pennsylvania. Cate loved the singing cow ride at Hershey Park. Max was, naturally, partial to meeting Elmo. We also enjoyed one day at the beach in Maryland.

Fall meant football games, although we did slack off from previous years. Cate and I also ran the Rock N Stroller 5K for the second year in a row. Next year I expect Cate to actually run it!

October was a busy month with a Nationals playoff game, Frozen on Ice, and Halloween.  We also hit the pumpkin patch and a fall festival along the way!

Of course, we also had the kids birthdays, which meant an annual height/weight check. Cate is tracking right along the 50th percentile, weighting 37lbs and 39 1/2 inches at four years old.  Max still hasn't hit a growth spurt and was 30 lbs, 32" (okay, I measured so that may be off!). His head is still at the 97th percentile!!  Cate made her second trip the dentist and is cavity free.

Cate finished up taking classes at the gym and started tennis class. She wants to continue tennis and swim lessons in the new year and Max will head to the gym!  We are still hoping Max will potty train soon. Although he has been using the potty sporadically for about 7 or 8 months, he doesn't seem ready to give up the diapers.  Erick had the kids do a painting of their feet, hands, and butts (just like he and Aunt Cami did at a similar age!)

We rounded out the year with a trip to Hawaii for Erick and I, Army-Navy, and a great Christmas. Cate decorated the kids tree, full of wooden ornaments, with a few breakable ones up at the top. We attended Christmas Eve service and made our annual trip to a friends house in DC for a Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Family friends were in town for the weekend, so we got some time with them and trips to the animal farm and zoo.

I will try to keep up better in the New Year!! Love to all!

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