13 May 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring means warmer weather (hopefully!), flowers, Easter, and baseball!! '

The three of us have already been to three baseball games, including the Home Opener. Erick also took Cate to one, just the two of the them. Cate just uses it as an excuse to eat TONS of junk food (and play on the playground, of course!)

The day before Easter, we did the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Max did very little work, but reaped the rewards of Cate's efforts. On Sunday, we went to church and then off to another baseball game!

Max has been talking more and more, saying new words everyday! He signs a lot (slow start, but knows a bunch of signs). He also is starting to figure out his colors (when in doubt, say blue!). He can also point to all the major body parts. Beware if you visit - he loves to zerbert! His favorite thing to do is go "ouside" and blow bubbles. If we say no, he wants to know if it is "dark", "rainy" or "wet"...if not, no excuses! If outside isn't available, he wants to play in the kitchen sink instead.

Cate has been learning to write her name at school. Apparently learning to write "Cate" and then fitting the "herin" in there isn't the easiest thing to do!  She can count to 100, with the just occasional slip-up. They even have weekly pop-quizzes.  She knows the days of the week (with a cool little song) and even the months! She definitely can tell left from right waaay better than me! She is learning her multiplication tables; well, she can at least memorize the numbers when she sees them on a computer game at school. Cate loves to rider her Stryder Balance Bike all around the neighborhood like a champ! She is still in a sport/tumbling class right now, but this summer she will take a tumbling class and a swim class.

At about 18 months, Max weighed in at 26 lbs 14 oz (65%) with a height of 31 1/2" (25% - we're moving up!) and, naturally, a head in the greater than 97%!! At the same age, Cate was 23lbs, 9oz (35%) but also 31.5" (50% for girls). I made a note at the time that I didn't really think she was that tall.  I measured Cate just for the heck of it, and at 3 1/2 years she is 3' 2" and 35lbs.

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