03 April 2011

Six months old!

I can't believe our little Cate is already half a year old!! She is up to 14lbs 11oz now.  She isn't quite crawling yet, although she can scoot on her belly wherever she wants to go, so I am not sure at what point we can start saying it is actually a crawl.

Cate go to go to her first baseball game on Thursday (the Nationals lost, of course!).  She actually slept most of the game, and we splurged on some club level seats to keep her in out of the cold and rain.  She is looking forward to many more (warmer) games this season.


She has moved up to a small solid meal at daycare, and one in the evening. We just finished her peaches trial, and I think we might start bananas now (all of this is quite thrilling, I know).  Her teeth keep us guessing...last week two top teeth were definitely visible, but now they have retracted some and only one bottom tooth is visible.

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