22 March 2011

Cate can...

Sit all by herself! And give kisses, and almost crawl....

Okay, so I am way overdue with a post...missed her turning 5 months old, and now we are almost to 6 months (I can't believe it!).  On Sunday, she really started being able to sit up by herself.  She doesn't pull herself up yet, but she can sit forever once you get her in that position.

She can definitely move several inches in the forward position...maybe not quite crawling, but we are guessing it will  happen this week.  She also loves to give Erick and I big wet kisses.  She will lean in with this loving little look and slobber all over us.

Cate has tried out rice cereal, avocado (loved it!), peas (fussy - won't do that again for a while!) and now sweet potatoes.


Everyone who sees Cate continues to just love her.  This morning when I dropped off Cate at daycare, a teacher from the classroom next door came running in and said where is little Cate?  She said the first time she saw Cate she fell in love with her because she is so interactive and interested in everything.  What can I say, we think she is perfect too :)


  1. Love the blog. I can't believe how big she is getting!

  2. She'll be ready for you to teach her to dance in no time!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the photo of her sitting up! I can't wait to see her when I'm home in April!