25 January 2011

Cate's First Week of "School"

School sounds better than daycare, doesn't it? Cate started a week ago today...with a two hour delay due to weather...meaning Erick had to take her by himself since I did not have a two hour delay.  Cate really seems to be happy there.  Each day I pick her up she is swinging and smiling. Three different staff members, including the manager, have mentioned that she always seems happy and that they love her laugh.  She apparently does fuss each time they change her diaper, something I attribute to her dislike of disposable diapers!  She ended up having two "first day of school" outfits due to a spitting-up incident!


Cate also rolled from back to front for the first time last Wednesday.  Over the weekend, she got a jumper which she definitely enjoys, although Erick had to put a phonebook under it so she could touch the ground (see, Bill, we did find a use for the phonebook!).  Eventually I'll learn how to post videos so you can see for yourselves!

Within the past week, Cate has slept through the night on 4 different nights! I still have not given in and fed her cereal, so I am happy she seems to be becoming a good sleeper all on her own.  She is even learning to read to herself (or at least help me read it to her!)

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  1. Hi Guys! Its so awesome you are doing this. I really like looking at the blog. Good pics! Do you need another phone book for anything? I've go one that doesn't do anything for me...