15 January 2011

Cate's Busy Life!

Cate has been so busy over these past few months...and not just eating, sleeping, and dirtying her adorable cloth diapers!  She has gotten to meet all of her grandparents (although not her great grandma, yet), her aunt and uncle, great aunt and uncle, and even her 2nd cousins once removed (okay, I have no idea if that is right).  That doesn't even include all of her mommy's and daddy's friends that have stopped by to visit (and some even teach her to play video games...thanks, Ryon).

Last weekend Cate got baptised at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  This is the same church where Erick was confirmed and where I was baptised 4 years ago.  Cami and Erick's friend Doug made the trek down to be Cate's godparents.  Cate was wonderful, staying awake and quiet long enough to have the pastor show her off to the crowd, and then sleeping through the rest of the service.


Cate continues to impress with her reaching, grasping, laughing, interacting, and even trying to fly (with some help from Erick).  We are sure she will impress everyone she meets when she starts daycare this week!  I am, of course, already nervous about her first day at "school", but am confident we have picked a good place to take care of our little Cate!

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