17 February 2013

Time flies!!

Hmmm....I may have used that title before, but it is true! The beginning of 2013 has kept us busy. Max turned 4 months old, weighing in at a hefty 16 pounds (just to compare, Cate was 13lbs 8oz at 4 months!!). The week he turned 4 months, Max rolled from back to front. After about a week of frustration because he was stuck on his stomach, he finally rolled back the other way. He is also dragging himself and somehow manages to scoot all over the place very quickly! Max will pull on anything (Cate's hair!), and drool all over anything he can stick in his mouth (even if he has to dismantle his gym to do it!).

Max got baptized at Aldersgate in January. He and Cate were very well behaved! Our friends Jen and Phil were the godparents.

Cate is becoming such a "big girl", as she likes to say. She is a great big sister, always bringing Max toys and even trying to teach him to "high five". She gets really jealous at daycare when all the other kids come over to  baby Max and has even been known to lay on top of him in the car seat to prevent the other kids from getting to him! She also likes to take care of "mommy's boo-boos"!

Cate had one birthday party in February, and two more already scheduled in March. In between parties she is working on becoming a future engineer and building Lego towers. She can also log on my computer...I don't know if we should be proud or scared! We are still trying to make progress potty training - Cate still refuses to go at daycare because there is no "Mama, Dada, Baby Max"!

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