07 August 2011

Two Steps!

Two steps could refer to a couple different things - including the area between the kitchen and living room that Cate keeps trying to dive off of - but in this case I am talking about Cate's progress walking.  A day after turning  ten months old, she took two steps on her own (at home and daycare, so we didn't just imagine it!).  Now I am not sure if we can call it walking yet, and she has taken at most three or four steps at at time, but we are getting there!

We, naturally, think she is the smartest baby ever.  Some of you have already seen her engineering mind at work...if you can't reach a book, find something to stand on and go for it!

She is also very adept at signing "more"...whether it be to get more food, read more books, or get more attention.  She also tries to sign water - it's not perfect, but not bad for a baby.  She points A LOT; I guess she hasn't quite figured out it isn't polite to point!

Cate will also eat anything.  She apparently becomes quite distraught at daycare if the other kids are eating something I haven't approved for consumption, and they usually give in and give it to her.  I can't say I blame them, she is quite persistent! And, yes, I do have a brush for this poor child, but her hair is always a mess (just like her mama's!)

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