17 June 2011

It's Vacation Time!!

We are so excited to be leaving on our first family vacation!  We are looking forward to some much needed relaxation - basically doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and hanging out with Cate.

Cate is well on her way to walking...she is still testing the limits of trying to stand on her own.  In a derailment of my baby proofing plans, she can climb up steps and now quite easily joins me in the kitchen when I am cooking.  On the upside, soon she will be unloading the dishwasher for me! She already "helps" me with the cloth diaper laundry and adjusts the volume on our receiver (always louder, somehow)...


This past week she weighed in at 16lbs 9oz...unfortunately, the reason we know that is because we had to see the doctor (aka, my boss) because she had a fever and had to take antibiotics for a slight ear infection.  Hopefully we won't have ear issues on the plane!  
Cate is one happy baby!!

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