15 February 2011

4 months and counting...

Sorry I have been a little slow updating the blog.  Cate is now almost four and a half months old and growing like crazy! On February 3rd she went in for two shots - she fussed for about five seconds before she returned to her normal giggling self.  She weighed in at 13lbs 8oz, which dropped her closer to the 50 percentile from her previous 75 percentile, but that is pretty normal, especially for a breastfed baby.  She will have her actual four month visit this coming Monday (Erick will telework from home for the federal holiday and can bring her in without either of us missing much work).

Cate has gotten even faster at rolling over.  She really wants to crawl and sometimes can get a backwards crawl, but just can't quite move forward yet. 

After four weeks at the first daycare location, Cate started at the closer location yesterday.  We loved the ladies at the previous location, but I am sure the new teachers will be just as good with Cate.  They all love her as she tends to giggle most of the day (when not sleeping or eating, of course!).

At home, we try to keep Cate entertained with reading, playing on her gymini, and exercising in the jumper.  She is a little sad that football is officially over, but she was happy to see Green Bay win!

Our new Saturday tradition is hanging out in bed for a while instead of rushing to start our weekend chores.  Cate always seems to be in good spirits when she gets to sleep in and just be lazy!

For those of you who did not already see it, there is a video of Cate trying to teeth in the post below this!  Her teeth haven't broken through yet, but we are on the lookout for them.  Also, if you have a Gmail or Yahoo account you can click FOLLOW on the right side of the page and I think you will get alerts when new posts are put up!

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